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We Provide Quick & Effective Bed Bug Control Solutions

Unlike most other pests bed bugs are extremely talented are hiding and are often confused with ticks and fleas. Bed bugs are not just confined to beds – they also hang out in your sofas, carpet, base boards, and in your walls. Bed Bugs are nasty parasite that feed on humans and pets blood at night, this is why you wake up in the morning with itchy red lumps and sores in the morning. 

It’s hard to know exactly where they are coming from but there are a few tell-tale signs. If you think your home or business has been infected with bed bugs then call the Urban Pest Management team and we can assess your situation and determine if it is indeed bed bugs causing you irritation. Urban Pest Management will employ multiple treatment options to effectively remove bed bugs from your home or business and give you and good night sleep again. 

UPM’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Urban Pest Management is fully licensed and insured and provides professional bed bug control when needed the most. Our friendly team has been operating for over 20 years, complete with a fully personalised service to each business or family we help protect. After an inspection of your home or business we can offer an effective and affordable solution to protect you these nasty parasites.

Our Control Methods

Urban Pest Management have a variety of control measures available at our disposal. Particular treatments used vary due to habitats in which bed bugs are found. Treatments include; application of aerosol and dust to cracks and crevices, light chemical treatments applied to bed frames and mattresses, surface treatment to lower internal perimeters, and misting treatment if the bed bug infestation is severe enough.

Our office provides free quotations for treatment tailored to suit your budget.

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How To Identify Bed Bugs In Your Home or Business
Bed Bug
  • 4mm – 5mm long

  • Rusty red-brown in colour

  • Wingless and oval shaped

  • Body quite flattened before blood meal

Signs Your Home or Business Is Infected
  • Waking up with red marks on your skin

  • Small fecal smears on your sheets

  • Small exoskeletons in your sheets

  • Bites and marks appear as a straight line

How To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations
  • Reduce harbourage areas by sealing cracks and removing loose wall paper

  • Inspect and clean any second hand furniture

  • Regularly clean sheets and bedding material

  • Keep your house and business thoroughly cleaned