Urban Pest Management is a pest control business established in the Sydney area since 1992. What started as an idea back in the suburbs of Sydney city has now since transformed into one of the best pest control service providers in Sydney. We have a small fleet of vehicles that provide a holistic solution to your commercial and residential pest control needs all across Sydney. Urban Pest Management is constantly changing our vision to provide a professional, affordable, and safe solution to your pest control needs across Sydney.

If you have seen ants in home or business, cockroaches in your bathroom facilities, or rodents in your restaurant, then you need to act fast. Urban Pest Management is one of the most experienced & trusted pest control service providers in the Sydney area. Our team of pest control experts can locate the source of an infestation and exterminate them at the source, not just at the surface level. Keep your family and customers safe knowing that you have employed the right team for the job. 

Our history with Sydney’s wide variety of pests has allowed us to create efficient systems for identifying and exterminating Sydney’s pests and rodents so you can return home or go back to business as usual.

The Urban Pest Management team provides both residential & commercial client’s a range of advantages, such as:

  • 25 years of experience in Sydney Pest Control
  • Family owned and run business
  • Honest, quick, & effective service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Licensed, accredited, & insured
  • Thorough inspections

After we inspect your home or place of business we will provide a detailed report of what actions need to be taken, a recommendation of services, and a detailed list of preventative measures to keep your business & customers safe.

If you’re ready to take action and keep your home or business safe, then contact Urban Pest Management for a complimentary consultation to see what we can do.


You can feel secure knowing Urban Pest Management carries the following pest control credentials

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)

Accredited Timber Pest Inspector (AEPMA)

Registered Pest Control Business NSW

Licensed Pest Controller NSW

Public Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

OHS/WHS Management Systems